Welcome to Disaster Inbound!


1. Respect all staff members, they are only here to help.
<align="left"><size=80%> 2. Team killing is generally allowed if it's for comedic effect or an accident. If done intentionally it will result in punishment.
<align="left"><size=80%> 3. Mic-spamming is allowed, ear-rape is not. If you're going to blast music through your mic, don't be rude about it.
<align="left"><size=80%> 4. Teaming up with enemies is self-sabotage and can result in the bond being intervened.
<align="left"><size=80%> 4a. This includes Chaos teaming with SCPs.
<align="left"><size=80%> 5. Generically speaking, don't be a jerk. Simple courtesy goes a long way.

- Note: A staff member's say is not necessarily final and can be argued, within reason, in our discord server. If you have a formal issue to dispute, please take it up with our upper management.

Misc. Information:
<align="left"><size=80%> 1. This is usually a normal server, but when staff get on, don't expect normal games all the time. We like to mess around and do some mini-games occasionally.
<align="left"><size=80%> 2. We also host TF2 and Minecraft servers, if you are interested in either of those sectors of our community feel free to explore.

<align="center"><size=85%>The above rules and information are subject to change at any time without notice. Updated: June 22nd, 2020.