[UK/ENG] Envy's SCP

Click here for the Discord invite or go to https://discord.gg/R8XKQegpep

<b>Server Info

1. Hosted in UK - England

2. No Friendly Fire

3. AFK kick

4. Active Moderation

5. Staff that don't AA or power trip!!!!

6. Auto nuke after 20 minutes

General Rules:
1. No cheating e.g hack clients you will receive a perm ban and will not be appealed

2. Be over the age of 13 + be mature and use common sense

3. No team killing or sabotage

4. D-CLASS in light containment are not KOS UNLESS they have a weapon pulled out

5. Do not KOS cuffed D-CLASS

6. No teaming between foundation roles and SCP'S (Scientist, Facility Guard, MTF)

7. Chaos and SCP'S may team

8. D-CLASS and SCP'S can't team

9. Foundation roles may create a temporary alliance with chaos to take down a SCP

10. No mic spamming in any channels. Soundboards are NOT allowed in spectator mode

11. Just be nice in general harassment, racism, toxicity, etc will lead to a perm ban

12. Exposing Admins and Mods who have there tag hidden is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will lead to a 1 week ban

13. Rules may change or update at any time


1. Respawn Timer
2. Remote keycard