Welcome to ThatRandomPotato's Cardboard Box!

Server Owner Discord: ThatRandomPotato#8170
Contact Email: [email protected]

1. Discrimination will not be tolerated. We're all here to have fun together!

2. Soundboards are allowed, however you are not allowed to play loud or annoying sounds over spectator chat. You're allowed to play stuff over the intercom as long as its not repeated over and over.

3. Do not cross team with scps for an extended period. You're allowed to make deals, but cross teaming throughout the whole game is not allowed.

4. Do not purposefully stall the round by camping or refusing to fight. (Mainly CI, MTF and SCPs)

5. Do not purposefully sabotage your team.

6. No abusing mods or glitches. (Please report glitches to SCP:SL devs)

7. Don't avoid punishment using an alt.

8. Listen to Staff

Have Fun!