<color=#E100FF>EPITOMIZE SCP Server

Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hqGcFA3urp

We make it simple, to cover everything here, just be considerate and don't be a dickhead. To clarify a bit:
1. Do not team kill, no elevator grenades/balls or immediately firing on your team after spawning, play nice.
1b. As NTF/Scientist/Guard, do not shoot disarmed Class D, they are basically your team now, unless they're overly unruly. Same goes for Chaos if a Scientist is disarmed.
2. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate speech, discrimination of any kind. Casual and lighthearted jokes are fine, but don't blatantly insult people, especially if they express offense.
3. No cheating, exploits, glitches, or anything game breaking. Do whatever you like, just don't hold up rounds or play unfairly.
4. Do not impersonate or disrespect staff members in any way. All staff members will have a badge.

We allow specific teams, with exceptions if necessary (like Peanut getting stuck in 914... again), allowed teams are:
- SCP/Chaos.
- NTF/Scientists/Guards.
- Class D can team either side, if detained or rescued.
Other teaming is allowed, if brief and not holding up rounds.

These aren't on schedule and will happen periodically when staff are on and players want it.
Nut Galore - 3-6 Peanuts.
Smol SCP - All SCPs are a tenth of their regular size.
Hide & Seek - DBois hide while 049 hunts and expands his ranks of "Seekers".

BetterSinkholes - Sinkholes in LCZ 4way intersections will send you to the pocket dimension.
RemoteKeycard - You don't have to hold keycards to open doors, keep it in your pants.
SCP575 - Occasionally unpowers the facility, no light. Hehe light go bwoooooooooooo.
Stalky106 - SCP106 can stalk random enemy players by double clicking the create portal icon, or using the .stalk command.
SCP914 Changes - This could probably use it's own section, but here we go!
Coins do things, putting them on fine could give you some cool stuff, but putting it on VERY FINE can give you cooler stuff... or delete them.
Classes can be changed by putting yourself in SCP914, Scientists become Class D on Coarse. On VERY FINE, lots of things change. Class D can become Scientists, Guards to Cadets, Cadets to Lieutenant... any of the above to dead, be careful.
Whatever you do though, I'd highly recommend NOT putting ANYONE in on Rough, it gets... messy.