Welcome to the <color=#ad650c>CookieLaboratory server! Established August 2023

You can visit our Discord Server here.
If you find any issues with our server, please report it to either @ham5125 or @plagueofficial on Discord.

Server Rules
1. No stealing items in 914. This includes if they are on a different team.

2. Team sabotage is strictly forbidden. This includes closing doors/gates on your teammates to leave/lock them behind and killing yourself as 049-2.

3. No mic-spamming in Intercom, SCP chat, or on Radio chat, the only exception to this rule is inside the lobby.

4. Staff choice is FINAL! If you are punished, do not attempt to make a fuss about it. Doing so will only increase your punishment.

5. Ban bypassing using alternate accounts are forbidden, doing so will get you IP banned.

6. Using hacked clients, or any sort of modification that will grant you a unfair advantage to other players will result in a permanent ban.

7. Harassment/offensive remarks will get you muted. If you use derogatory terms such as the N-Word will get you banned.

8. Swearing is allowed, make sure to keep it to a acceptable level of usage. Remarks against others using these words will result in punishment.

9. Stalling rounds are not permitted. Auto-nuke will activate after 30 minutes to prevent stalling, if you continue to stall after the nuke detonates, you will receive punishment.

10. Do not beg for admin/items/special advantages from moderators/admins in-game.

11. If you think you are breaking a rule, do not continue and stop yourself. If you think you are not breaking a rule, don't do it anyway.

12. Killing any sort of detained class is not permitted, and un-detaining then killed any class is also not permitted. You may only kill the detained class if they are not cooperating or are escaping.

13. Loopholes within this rulebook are not permitted and will still sanction a punishment.

14. No NSFW content shall or will be played on any proximity chat location, this rule may be bended to an extent for how any moderator sees fit.

15. Moderators and admins are NOT exempt from punishment! You are still held accountable for any rule you break.

16. Do not disrespect staff. This should be self-explanatory since it's also included in Rule 7.

1. RemoteKeycard
2. InfiniteSprint
3. AutoNuke (Manual)

Staff Team
Ham - Owner
Plague - Community Manager
Toastig - Discord Moderator
OneStarvingKid - Discord Moderator

We hope you enjoy your time on Cookie Laboratory! Happy <s>killing</s> playing!