Wally's SCP SL Server
[Admins are allowed to troll but not ruin your experience]


1. NEVER close doors on your teammates

2. Don't kill teammates, you are allowed to team kill as D-Class. D-Class cannot kill Chaos

3. Only Chaos and D-Class are allowed to team with scps. Using them to attack your teammates is not allowed

4. D-Class should be detained instead of being killed

5. Don't exploit period

6. You can play audios. If they ask you to stop then stop

7. Playing audio through the intercom and as 079 is allowed

8. MTF Cannot grief scientists from escaping. CI cannot grief D-Class from escaping

9. No ear rape or mic spam

10. No racism or discrimination of any kind

11. Do not commit suicide as an scp or quit the game


Custom Items
Remote Keycard (You don't need a card in hand to open doors)
Respawn Timer (Shows when you will respawn as and how many tickets there are)
Door Restart System (At random intervals the doors will malfunction and lock)
SCP Swap (Lets you switch scps)
049 Speech (049 Can talk)
Disconnect Replace (If someone leaves the game they get replaced by a spectator)
Wait and chill (You get to wait for the match to start in a custom lobby)


This server only runs 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Sometimes this can change)

Any of these rules broken can result in a mute, kick or ban

Discord: https://discord.gg/andpVmME5A