Whistle SCP

Welcome to Whistle's SCP, Please be kind and respectful to our players!
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<h4>Server Rules:</h4>
<bold>Please follow our rules, if you don't, you will be punished.</bold>

<li>No Disrespecting Other Users or Staff</li>
<li>No Cheating / Exploiting and/or Glitching.</li>
<li>No Loophole usage in rules.</li>
<li>No Racism or swastika symbols</li>
<li>No communism or political judgements</li>
<li>No Hacking, Denial of Service Threats/Attacks or you will be permanently banned.</li>
<li>Do not beg for scp change</li>
<li>Do not beg for staff permissions</li>
<li>Do not judge users by how they play</li>
<li>Do not close doors repetitively on your own team</li>
<li>Do not team with scps unless you are scp</li>
<li>Scientists and D-Class are allowed to team only when scp is attacking</li>
<li>All teams must follow their objective, stated by pressing <bold>F1</bold></li>
<li>MTF must follow leader's commands</li>
<li>Do not attempt to bypass anti-cheat or any other ban circumvention system on this game/server.</li>
<li>Do not alt bypass, (i.e you got banned and made/logged into another steam account to bypass a ban.</li>