🌏 SCP: Down Under 🌏

|💬|</mark><mark=#808080>|ᴅɪꜱᴄᴏʀᴅ|</mark> <mark=#F96854>|💰|</mark><mark=#808080>|ᴘᴀᴛʀᴇᴏɴ|

🔌 Server Features 🔌

Custom Surface:
A lightweight rework to the Surface Zone, meaning your FPS won't be affected heavily.
Custom Items:
Modified base-game weapons will spawn throughout the facility and on certain classes.
SCP-3114 Mods:
SCP-3114 can fake-shoot guns by pressing Throw Item [T], Right Click to fake use medical items, use Radios by talking in proximity chat, and has an infinite disguise.
Remote Keycard:
If you have the required keycard in your inventory, you can open doors without holding it.
Better Coinflips:
All coins have turned anomalous and have a chance to do random things.
Inside of SCP-173's new spawn you can drop an item to "gamble" it for a different item.
Respawn Timer & Custom HUD:
Spectators can see when the next respawn is, and other information about the match. When playing as any class, you will see the server name, your current role, round duration and server TPS at the bottom middle of your screen.
SCP Utilities:
As an SCP, you can press LEFT ALT (Noclip) to toggle Proximity Chat, press ~ and type .scpswap (number) to swap to an untaken SCP, and see your teammates and their health.
Other Features:
Join our Discord to see the rest of our features and custom items/roles!

📕 Server Rules 📕

1. Use common sense, you may be punished for rules that may not be listed.

2. Respect all players. Harassment, discrimination, and offensive behavior is prohibited.

3. No Cheating or Exploiting. Any form of cheating, hacking, exploiting glitches, or using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.

4. Teaming is not allowed unless both sides have the same objective. EX: MTF and SCPs teaming to kill CI is allowed.

5. KOS (Kill on Sight) is not allowed. You may not kill Class-D, Scientists or cuffed personnel without a valid reason.

6. No Mic Spam. Excessive use of voice chat that disrupts gameplay or annoys other players is not allowed.

7. No Ghosting. Do not provide information about the game to alive players when spectating.

8.</color> No Camping or Spawn Camping. Avoid excessively camping in an area to stall rounds.

9. No Team Killing/Sabotage. Intentionally damaging/sabotaging your team is prohibited.

10. No Advertising. Do not share links to other communities or advertise them.