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Friendly Fire is ENABLED at 70% damage!
Server is still new. Config and Rules will be gradually adjusted for a more enjoyable experience as we get more players.

Our Rules
[1] No cheats/hacks/exploits. Permanent IP ban if caught.
[2] No slurs, racism, sexism, all of that stuff.
[3] Don't be nice to our server staff. They probably deserve to be hated on.
[4] Team griefing is acceptable unless in a combat situation. Ex: Closing doors on d-class is fine, unless being chased by enemies.
[5] No throwing. Leaving the game instantly after spawning as SCP will be a 12 hour ban.
[5b] If you believe you're the last member of your team, and the game is near or past 10 minutes in length, YOU CAN THROW to end the round!
[6] Teaming is only allowed when there is mutual benefit. Ex: SCP’s and Chaos teaming to kill solo NTF. D-Class and NTF teaming to kill a SCP.
[7] Any NSFW comments towards a known minor is a permanent IP ban. When possible, relevant authorities will be tipped.
[8] False reports, especially ones of atrocious allegations, will be met with a permanent IP ban. Abuse of the ticket system is not tolerated.
[9] Advertisements not allowed. We don’t care if you’re on your road to affiliate. 30 minute chat mute, up to 1 week ban.
[10] NO EAR RAPE. Mic spam is allowed, but if you’re playing high frequency noises that cause hearing damage, permanent IP ban and we will go to full lengths to prevent your bloodline from ever interacting with our community again.
[11] No ghosting.
[12] No stalling.

Serious rule breaking will be met with a swift instant ban. Ban evasion and false appeals will escalate the steam ID ban, into an IP ban. All logs are permanently saved.

For the quickest response time, please make a ticket in our discord. If you have questions about the rules, make a misc support ticket!

Hosted by Terabit. Any connection issues are most likely out of our control.