Server is hosted in the UK, London.

#1.) No hacks, cheats, game exploits, etc. This will get you a perma-ban on the server and instant report to the game creators.
#2.) Team Killing is forbidden. The only acception is in crossfire, however this shouldn't mean you just blind fire down a corridor.
#3.) Mic spamming of any sort in spectator/SCP voice CHAT or over the radio is grounds for punishment.
#4.)Don't be a idiot, I shouldn't need to explain this, but I know I will need to, examples of being a idiot are, Closing doors/elevators on people, annoying other intentionally, insulting others for no reason, Team-killing applies in this case, there are more, how ever most you can infer, I know you can buddy.
#5.) Don't hold-up the round, this applies to turning off the nuke when you can make it out of the facility fine, camping the nuke so people on surface can't detonate it, hiding in a locked room so the SCP can't kill you, etc.
#6.) No third-party apps, this includes but is not limited to, Discord, Team speak, over Phone Call, and other forms of voice communication. We ask you mute on these or something alike so you can't give unfair knowledge which could lead to a different victory than what would happen.
#7.) Teaming is allowed to SOME degree, this applies mainly to Chaos and SCP teaming, Chaos and SCPs are allowed to team in the case there are no D-class left to help escape, MTF and Chaos are NEVER allowed to team, Scientists and D-Class can team with everyone besides the SCPs, however SCPs may spare d-class or scientists, or even strike up bargains, but nothing that would hold up the game and make it unfun to play
#8.)Do not KOS (Kill on sight) Class-D's or Scientists unless they are armed. KOS will lead to being swapped with the person you killed.
#9.) Arguing your case to Admins in allowed, yes this isn't 1984, but this only applies if you are doing it kindly and not yelling or cursing at the admin.

Wait and chill: Wait and chill but not with a black screen

SCP1162: drop an item in peanuts room and get a new item. some useful some not

better939: Makes 939 smaller and faster. When attacks slows down. When AP goes it has a stronger bite.