The Jolly Nutpire

Basic Rules:
No team kill (friendly fire enabled to allow cross fire and give SCP's a chance)
No mic spam
No disobeying staff

Game Rules:
If a mod or admin is spawning themselves in and items in, don't have a go at them
MTF or Guards cannot kill Class-D's and must detain them unless the following apply's:
-They were armed (you cant use knowledge from past lives or spectator)
-They disobey orders
-Do not kill them straight away, they have 3 warnings
-If they leave the elevator when you going up to surface, you may terminate them
This rule apply's to Chaos with Researcher.
No blowing up the elevator
Don't be a dick

Using an hacks results in a perm ban
You'll be kicked for breaking multiple rules
if you carry on you will be banned
There are multiple other things
If you are kicked, then return and dont change you will get a 5 min ban and so on.

We do events.
SCP Containment breach
Class-D survival
Peanut Breach
Capture the flag - if you kill the D boi or scintiest you will be banned
Battle royale
and much more