SCP: Connexion✌️

The Codex

rule 1: no mic spamming

1.1: mic spamming in prox and intercom ONLY!!!

1.2: no earrape

rule 2: no kos

2.1: foundation can't kill d class without reason, same goes with chaos and scientists. d class can kill scientists after 1st wave

2.2: only kill someone if they're holding a gun or disobeying fair orders

2.3: if anything you do leads to the death of teammates, for example: closing doors or telling scps where they are, it's kos. but you can reveal the location of hostile teams

2.4: false surrender isn't allowed, you may only be unsurrendered if separated for like 2-ish minutes, anyone holding up the round may be executed :p

rule 3: no harassment / hate speech >:(

3.1: freedom of speech and hate speech aren't the same thing. discrimination against race, legal beliefs, religion, sex, identity, aren't allowed

3.2: no nsfw / nsfl in any form

rule 4: staff have final say regarding moderation

4.1: if you have any problems, dm a role above them cuz staff aren't always right

rule 5: admin abuse is allowed on mondays!

5.1: admin abuse rounds can only happen if majority of the server agrees

5.2: admins can't kill anyone directly. items can only be given if the situation feels right, for example: don't give micro to a d class when chaos spawns

5.3: if you die to anyone given an item by an admin, get gud

5.4: if you chose to admin abuse, you must NOT participate in the round

rule 6: no spawn killing

6.1: wait about 10 seconds or until they are actively hunting you

rule 7: teaming is only allowed as long as it is beneficial to both teams

7.1: once the reason for teaming is gone, spread out and fight

rule 8: NO GLITCH SPOTS!!!!!!!! >:(((((

8.1: any spot on the map that require a glitch aren't allowed

8.2: if you can get there by normal game mechanics, like parkour, it's fair game

if you have any questions, dm Blueify, Slushi, or Typical

plugins can be found on the discord (clickable link)