Welcome to the Disaster Den SCP server!

This server is located in Los Angeles.

This server is identical to other Disaster Den servers, but with some additional modifications!

- SCP-939 is now slightly smaller, moves a little faster than a sprinting human, but deals less damage with each attack. When 939 takes damage, the damage of their next attack will be increased by a small amount of recently taken damage.
- When a player is turned into an SCP-049-2, there is a 50% chance of them becoming a special variant of 049-2:
- Juggernaut - Moves more slowly than a normal Zombie, but has much more health.
- Berzerker - Has less health than a normal zombie, but deals more damage and gets a speed boost for a few seconds after killing someone.
- Ballistic - Explodes upon death.
- Pocket Dimension - Has a 25% chance when attacking someone to teleport them to the pocket dimension. Moves more slowly than normal.
- Plague - Deals very low damage, but inflicts victims with SCP-008. If someone dies while infected with SCP-008, they become another zombie.
- SCP-575 - A playable SCP who causes blackouts in whatever room he is in. He is highly resistant to bullets and frag grenades, but extremely weak to flash grenades. He starts out slow, and deals very little damage, but each time he gets a kill his speed and damage increase. Upon getting 10 'power ups', he is able to cause a facility-wide blackout that will slowly kill players over time if they are in a dark room without a flashlight. Any damage dealt during this will heal him slightly. He is only visible when someone is looking directly at him with a flashlight or through a NV scope.
- Chaos Phantom - A Chaos Insurgency who will occasionally replace one of the guards when a round starts. They spawn with an SR-119, SCP-127, IG-119, EM-119 and Adrenaline. Every 90sec, they are able to active a camo ability that lasts 30sec. This camo is the same as SCP-268, however it will not break when taking damage or interacting with items/doors, or when throwing grenades/using medical items. It will only break if the player shoots a weapon.
- MTF Medic - A MTF Scientist who will occasionally replace a random player from an MTF respawn wave. They spawn with an MG-119, COM15, and a few medical items like Medkits and Adrenaline. Every 120s they can activate a healing aura that lasts 15sec. All allies within a small radius near the medic while the aura is active will receive 6 health per second for the duration. Any allies within the aura when the effect ends will also receive 30 AHP. Neither the healing nor the AHP can affect the medic themselves.
- Dwarf - When a round starts, a random human player will be selected to be a Dwarf for the entire round. This player will not consume stamina when sprinting, and is slightly smaller than normal players.
- Custom Items - For a list of all the new custom items (there are 17 in total), follow this link: https://github.com/Exiled-Team/CustomItems/tree/main/CustomItems
- In addition to this list, there are 2 more custom items not on that list:
- 939 infused Serum - An adrenaline that has been diluted with SCP-939 blood. It's healing effects are reduced, but it will temporarily grant the user 939 vision.
- SCP-035 - When you pickup this item, you have 3 seconds to drop it. If you don't drop it, you will become an SCP. You will continue to be able to use your items, including weapons, but you will look like an SCP-049 with a special hat to other players, and will be considered an SCP.
- When generators activate, there will be a short burst of electricity that shoots out around them, damaging nearby players.
- After the nuke has detonated, after a few minute delay, players still alive on the surface will begin taking damage over time until the round ends.
- SCPs will now see a list of all the currently alive SCPs in the top-right of their screen.
- Spawn protection now only protects against grenade damage.
Bug Fixes
- SCP-173 will no longer be killed by anticheat when moving up staircases, or when teleporting vertically while someone is looking at him.

Please report any bugs on our discord in the report bugs channel.

<b>If you like this server you can check out Disaster Den Gaming for other cool servers by heading on over to discord.gg/ddengaming

1. Do not hack/cheat.
2. Do not deliberately teamkill, revenge teamkill, or damage teammates. Crossfire and self-defense are fine.
3. Do not intentionally delay the round by not contributing.
4. Follow the guidelines regarding cross-teaming.
5. Follow the guidelines regarding mic usage in-game.
6. D-Class Personnel may teamkill other D-Class in light containment before Chaos arrives in the area.
7. Do not instigate teamkilling by intentionally shooting near teammate, coaxing other players to teamkill or repeatedly closing doors on teammates.
8. Do not use exploits that can put you outside of the map/playable area or that give you an extreme unfair advantage.
9. If a player is spotted AFK on surface or near a spawning point (of their class) then you may TK them freely after a 15 second in-game verbal countdown that is within earshot of the AFK person. Please do not purposely AFK for long periods of time.
10. Admins say is Final (Judgement is person-to-person so please don't come complaining to me or any other admin that “someone said you could”.)response.
11. Do not intentionally 'call out' admins in-game if they are trying to catch rule-breakers or if you're trying to bring attention to them.
12. Do not take matters into your own hands. If someone is breaking the rules please report to staff.
13. Do not attempt to bait players into teamkilling by pretending to be afk or afking for extended periods. If the circumstances involving a report you made include this kind of behavior your report will be instantly denied, if you do this repeatedly you will be punished accordingly.

Guidelines for mic usage in-game
- Do not spam your microphone. (This includes music/videos over the NTF radio, Dead chat, or in SCP chat. Otherwise proximity/the intercom is fine.)
- You will always be warned before being punished for mic-related offenses. (Unless the mic-related offense regards racist/anti-semitic/transphobic/homophobic on the official server.)
- Do not ear-rape over your microphone. (This includes every chat)
- Spamming slurs will result in an immediate ban without warning on ALL DDen servers.
- Do not express racist/anti-semitic/homophobic/transphobic views or slurs over the microphone in any way shape or form.

Cross-Teaming Guidelines
- Cross teaming is allowed in certain situations that ensures a mutual benefit. (This includes: Being locked in a room together, being chased together, or taking down an enemy threat together. This does not include following and/or helping them out.)
- Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each other. (Only against SCPs, they may not team up against NTF or Chaos insurgency.)
- A SCP may show mercy to Scientists or D-Class personnel only. (Though it should not be repeated mercy or mercy that involves following/helping them.)
- Cross Teaming in situations outside of these guidelines will garner you a warning and repeated offenses will garner a temporary ban.(This includes SCP and Chaos crossteaming.)