Crunch bois small place of chaos Classic

Plugins used ingame are for cosmetics and have no impact onto the game

Plugins used: Rainbow Lobby, Respawn Timer and Admin tools


Orange Rules are permanent and must not be broken.
Green Rules can be broken if necessary.

1: No KOS Allowed! KOS is only allowed if the person is not cooperative, or has a gun out.
all classes BUT Chaos Need To follow this rule.

2: Do NOT ask for mod. On occasion, it may be granted to noclip if you are not important to the end of a round. E.g. Chaos Insurgent.

3: Do NOT harass any of the staff/owners for any given reason. Infractions will result in 5 day bans. This coincides with rule 2.

4: Racism is NOT allowed. You will be banned for a minimum of 2 days.

5: Stream-Sniping is not allowed. If you stream-snipe, mega sad will occur.

6: Teaming is not allowed. E.g. Any class except
chaos and dbois with the scps. Chaos is allowed to team, but doesn’t have to.

7: DO NOT maliciously hold up the round. E.g. Hiding behind a door an scp cannot get to and waiting for a spawn wave. Not only does this make the game last longer, it’s also immoral and rude.

8 DO NOT Micspam on the Radio or The Innercom and the game starting phase and in spectator chat if you do this you will be muted the the whole round

9 harassment to any player is not allowed (first offence will be a verbal warning after is a 30-60 min ban)

10 No Targeting others ingame even tho they maybe deserve it it kills the game environment and mood

Additional Information

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