-- If its just admins on having fun and you join most of these rules do not apply (if they do at most we will just give a warning)--
Discord : https://discord.gg/QPfsjHFPEq

1. Dont join just to be cringe an example is just joining to moan in ur mic
2. Dont harass people. This includes bullying because of age , skin color or gender. Racist is treated equally here so if you say the c word it will be treated equally as the n word.
3. Dont join just to do cringe stuff. This includes moaning and cringe soundboards.
4. Micspam is allowed, however if even 1 person asks you to stop you must stop.
4A. No earrape, this includes in all chats.
5. No intentional teamkilling. You may teamkill if it follows the teamkill guidelines.
5A. Revenge teamkill is NOT allowed. If you were wrongly teamkilled report it in the discord and ill deal with it.
5B. You cannot teamkill someone because they ignore you.
6. Dont be dumb. Mods can ban for reasons that are not on here.
(If you feel like the punishment outdid the crime tell me on the discord)
7. Most teaming is allowed however see the teaming guidelines to fully understand.
8. Revenge teamkill is NOT allowed. If you were wrongly teamkilled report it in the discord and ill deal with it.

--Teaming guidelines--
1. It is allowed for classes not allowed to team to team for roleplay. HOWEVER this cannot be used to kill anyone. This also may not last for extended periods of time.
2.Chaos and scps may team.
3.D-class and scps may team.
4.Mtf/Guards cannot team with scps
4A. If an scp is stuck they are allowed to negotiate.
4. It is allowed to show mercy.
5. D-class and scientists are allowed to team (Obvious)

--Teamkill guidelines--
1.You can teamkill people who close ATLEAST 2 doors on you.
1A. If you teamkill the wrong person for closing a door you you still can be punished as if it breaks rule #5.
2.You are allowed to teamkill people who earrape.
3. You are allowed to teamkill someone if they have JUST teamkilled someone. This does not mean they teamkill someone and then 2 hours later you kill them.
4. Roleplay teamkill is allowed. This however is not an excuse. If the person does not want to be teamkilled do not teamkill them.
5. You may teamkill someone if they are intentionally being annoying.
6. Crossfire is allowed. (crossfire meaning it was an accident. Ex: shooting at an scp and the person accidentally walks into the bullet)