Unigamia.com SCP Server #1 [<color=#FF0090>E/RP]</color>

Discord: https://discord.gg/f6afZMB | Appeal your ban in #scp-ticket-creation | Register on our forums!

Initial spawn: 10 d-class, 5 SCPs, 5 MTF, 5 Scientists

This is our Event Server that is ran by our moderators (check the discord for when events are scheduled!).

Server Highlights
SCP Suicide Hotline - SCPs cannot die to the tesla gate or the pit, and will instead teleport back to spawn.
.recall and .vent - You can press ~ as SCP-049 and type .recall to summon all your zombies back to you, or .vent as SCP-173 to retreat to another SCP if you are surrounded by MTF.
Gambling with Quarters - You are given quarters that you can use to gamble for items in SCP-914! Type .deposit to store your quarters and .withdraw to withdraw your quarters.
• (TEMPORARILY DISABLED) D-Class Have Their Own Escape - Go to the door in the Chaos Insurgency tunnel to escape as a d-class!

Global Rules
1. [LISTEN TO MODS] Moderators are in the server to make your gaming experience better. If you don't listen to them punishment will be twice as severe. Moderators are not allowed to disrespect you.
2. [NO HACKING] Hacking the server will result in an instant, unappealable ban from all SCP:SL servers including ours.
3. [NO HARASSMENT] Do not bully or gang up on other players, target players to be killed by a group, or harass kids or women, especially for their voices. Calling someone a slur is bannable.
4. [NO EAR RAPE] Ear rape is an instant ban. Micspamming is not ear rape if it isn't high-pitched.

Server-Specific Rules
1. [STREAMER SAFE] No disrespecting other players on the server. Racial slurs, homophobic slurs, and anything against Twitch's TOS is bannable on this server.
2. [TEAMKILLING] There is absolutely no teamkilling allowed when events are running or during event set-up. Please do not throw grenades or shoot people in crowded rooms as not only does it get you banned but takes more time for the host to setup.
3. [NO GRIEFING] Don't grief the experince of other players which would include closing doors on teamates, shooting teamates, saying this server is garbage, or other. Please go to our other servers if you wish not to play events during an event session.
4. [LISTEN TO THE HOST] Follow the rules that the event host displays in broadcast or says directly to you or others (as a group). Do not team with opposite side players.
5. [HAVE FUN] The event host is supposed to make your experince here fun and exciting! Please tell them what events you wish to play if they don't come up for a vote (it also makes their job easier).


Zombie Suicide Hotline

.recall - If you are playing as SCP-049, press ~ and type .recall to teleport all your zombies back to you.
.vent - If you are playing as SCP-173, press ~ and type .vent to teleport away from MTF if you are surrounded

Gambling with Quarters

.balance / .bal - Press ~ and type .bal to see how many quarters
.top / .top10 - Press ~ and type .top to see the top 10 richest players on the server and to see how rich you are.
.shop [page] - Press ~ and type .shop [page] to see what is currently for sale.
.sell/.buy - Press ~ and type .sell to see the aliases of items
.sell [commodity]/.buy [commodity] - Type this to see which of each specific commodity are up for sale
.sell [commodity] [price] - Type this to put a commodity up for sale
.buy [commodity] [price] - Type this to buy a commodity. If you specify a number greater than the price, it will buy the lowest priced commodity up to the price you have specified
.bounty [player] [amount] - Press ~ and type .bounty [player name] [amount] to put a bounty on that player to kill
.bet - (Currently disabled) Press ~ and type .bet scp/mtf/classd/draw

Friendly Fire Autoban

.tks - Press ~ and type .tks <full or partial name> to see a player's teamkills.