Illuminatic SCP: Secret Laboratory Server Rules

1. Be respectful to any Staff Member and any other Player on the Server

2. Do not use a Soundpad on the Unicom Station. Using a Soundpad in regular VC by pressing "Q" is allowed.

3. Do not troll your Team Members by closing the Elevators or Doors while they want to go threw or use one of them.

4. Do not steal anything from your Teammates in SCP 914! Grabbing something faster from a Desk or a Locker than your teammates is allowed. Also if they opened the locker and you grabbed it first is allowed.

5. As D Class you are allowed to Team with MTF, Chaos, Scientists and Guards, when they want to. Teaming with an SCP is okay, but do not Team for the whole Round.

6. Please do not cheat and always be honest to the Staff members on this Server.

7. If you see any Staff member abusing their Rank for anything (trolling if it was not registered by Facility Director or Facility Co-Director) please report this via the Report system ingame.

8. After breaking one of these Rules our Staff members will give you a Warning or a "Soft" Warning where they dont log the Warning. After 3 Warnings you will get kicked. After breaking another Rule you will get kicked again. After 2 kicks you will get banned for 2 Days. Then 1 Week. Than 1 Month and then 2 Years. So do not break any of these Rules!

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you have Fun Playing and please join the Discord if you are planning to grow with the Server and stay and get a Member of this Server. The Server will stay online for a few Years, so do not be afraid of joining the Server and get your Membership! :) -> After you played active 100 Hours on our Server you will get the Trusted Rank with possible upgrades to Staff Team. Note: You have to be Trusted to get Moderator and then Admin on our Server.

Server Plugins:

- Lights: Randomly turns the Lights off
- Serpents Hand: helps the SCPs to escape
- Tranquilizer Gun: makes the USP Handgun a Tranquilizer that stuns and knocks out any SCP, MTF, Chaos, etc. out for 10 Seconds!
- Remote Keycard: You can hold something different than a Keycard while opening a Gate or any other locked Door.
- SCP Utils: Makes that every SCP in the Game can talk to every other Player by pressing "V".
- Wait and Chill (Reborn): The waiting Screen at the begin of the Game will be replaced by a Real Lobby.
- DoorSystemRestart: Locks Doors automatically for a short amount of time. The Chance that that Happens in a Round is 50%. The mximum Lockdown Time is 20 Seconds.

Server Roles:

- Site-02 Director -> Server owner
- Site-02 C-Director -> Server Co-owner
- Site-02 Executive -> Server admin
- <b>MTF Samsara Squad -> Moderator

- Trusted -> Friend of one of the other Staff members
- Content creator -> YouTuber or Streamer with at least 5k followers

Please join our Discord Server -> to keep updated and give us some Feedback and Suggestions on our Work!