<colour=#blue>Welcome to Dwayne's Dimension</colour>

This is a server that was made for just having fun with friends and to stream.

<colour=red>The Rules</colour>

1. No mic spamming in spectator chat, a little is allowed but not too much.
2. No discrimination of any kind is tolerated here.
3. Most profanity is allowed here but no slurs like ni**er or sl*t!
4. Some promotion of others is allowed here but not excessively.
5. Anyone who tries to impersonate a mod can be found guilty immediately by looking in the player list as all mods/admins have tags.
6. Chaos may team with SCP's to defeat the MTF.
7. MTF are not allowed to team with SCP's.
(relating to this, people may truce with SCP's in exchange for something)
8. Giving yourself an unfair advantage by hacking is not allowed.
9. Hiding in an area for an extended amount of time will just get you pummeled by the whole spectator team if there is an Admin Online.
10. Intentionally dying as 049-2 is grounds for either being kicked or respawning as 049-2.
11. No camping spawnpoints like CI and MTF spawn with weapons that include the Micro-HID, Grenades etc.
12. Nobody under the age of 13 may play here, if we assume that you are under 13 for any reason you will be banned for a while. (can be appealed)

Other notes:

- 914 only upgrades items that are dropped or held, it won't upgrade your whole inventory
- There is a 60 second timer so that it allows late joiners to be able to have achance at spawning instead of having to wait until MTF or Chaos spawn
- Automatic Warhead detenation is within 20 minutes of when the round starts, once started it will not be able to be deactivated.
- Reports are always handled swiftly and dealt with accordingly

If you have any problems or a suggestion for the server, please open a ticket in the support section within the discord which can be found in the link below.

I hope you enjoy your experience here in my server.

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