Hello! Welcome to Blu's Laboratory! I'm glad you joined! Let me update you on some rules and things you should know that we have around this facility.

1: Do not disrespect or harass other players by saying nsfw things or directly insulting the player(gaslighting and doxing included)
2: No holding up rounds so others will be upset/bored (unless your clutching up for your team)
3: No discrimination of any kind.
4: Soundboards/voice changers are not allowed only in spectator chat
5: No begging for mod. We won't give it to you
6: No hacking
7: Don't harass/provoke staff
8: Do not send personal info to others.
9: Do not KOS cuffed d-class or scientists.

Plugins(so far as of new update): Admintools, Scanner, Spectator list, Rainbow tags, and remote keycard.
I will work on common bugs and issues as time goes on.
Events happen in this server, can be at random times.
More rules will be coming soon as time goes and make sure to follow these rules to avoid mutes,kicks,and bans.
Link to discord server: https://discord.gg/b7GndVFwPy (sorry that you have to type it all in a web browser I am working on that)
Hope you have fun and enjoy playing on Blu's Laboratory!