Hello! Welcome to Blu's Laboratory! I'm glad you joined! Let me update you on some rules and things you should know that we have around this facility.

1: Do not disrespect or harass other players(gaslighting included)
2: No holding up rounds (unless clutching)
3: No discrimination of any kind
4: Soundboards are not allowed in spectator chat and scp chat.
5: Any kind of hacking or doxxing is NOT allowed ever.
6: Don't harass/provoke staff
7: Do not send personal info to others
8: Do not KOS cuffed D-Class or Scientists
9: Do not make alt accounts to avoid bans
10: No abusing exploits
11: Impersonation or identity theft is NOT allowed ever
12: Spawning camping will not be tolerated

More rules will be coming soon as time goes and make sure to follow these rules to avoid mutes,kicks,and bans.

Admintools: More commands for the admins
Remotekeycard: You can unlock doors with keycard access without taking your keycard out (theres a bug on nuke where it kicks you when not having your card out while interacting for some odd reason)
Spectator list: You can see who is spectating you
AutoFFtoggle: FF is toggled at the end of a match so everyone on a team can kill each other before the game restarts.

Plugins will be added and removed as time goes.

Events will happen in this server at random times.

Problems and bugs can be reported to our discord(down below) and we will get onto fixing asap.(We are working on the server crashes, and bugged spawns)
Link to discord server: discord.gg/b7GndVFwPy (should work)
Hope you have fun and enjoy playing on Blu's Laboratory!