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SCP-035: Adds a passive SCP to the game. A certain amount of items will randomly be selected to be SCP-035 from a configurable list of item types. If a player picks up the item that SCP-035 is disguised as, the player will be killed and a random spectator will be assigned their possessed body. This player will be able to kill their own class, bypassing friendly fire rules. They will also deal corrosive damage when in a set range of another player. Once SCP-035 dies, he will return to disguising into items until his next victim picks him up.

SCP-575: SCP-575 is a sentient (non-playable) entity that will wreak havoc around the facility. When a round starts there is a configurable chance that SCP-575 will be present that round. If he is, after a configurable initial delay , he will cause a power blackout within the facility. During this blackout, lights in both the Heavy Containment Zone and Light Containment Zone will be off, causing players to need flashlights or NV scopes to find their way around. (SCP's are unaffected by the blackouts, and can see normally). If SCP-575's 'keter' option is enabled, he will damage players every 5 sec who are in the dark without a light source (such as a flashlight, gun flashlight attachment, or a gun NV scope attachment) for a configurable amount of damage (default 10). During blackouts, automatic tesla gates are disabled, though 079 can still manually trigger them. After a period of time the blackout will end. After the initial blackout, it will repeat itself throughout the round, with a configurable interval.

Contact GatorVG#7917 or Void#2045 on discord for help.


-The Idea of this server is to play the game as it should be played.

-Friendly Fire is off

-SCPs can not side with any faction. They can work temporarily together if a SCP is locked in a room.

-Detaining Scientists and D-Class personnel is recommended but not required.

-Do not kill detained personnel of any faction. This will result in a ban.

-No excessive mic Spamming.