Welcome to Site 02 US East Server


1. Use common sense for example Oh I did not know about _________ Will not lessen your punishment

2. Earrape is not allowed in global chat however music is as long as it is not annoying or loud

3. Do not promote any ads, merchandise etc. in the ScpSl server and the discord server

4. We allow profanity however words such as n***er or other slurs is not allowed in the ScpSl server and the discord server

5. Being Racist, Homophobic and Sexist Will Not Be Tolerated And Result In A Perm Ban With No Appeal

6. If your an Admin on the server do not admin abuse or this could result in your admin privileges being revoked from you

7. Scp's and chaos can team but Mtf Cannot team

8. We Don't Require You To Be 13 To Play On our Server However You Must Be 13 To Join Our Discord

9. Impersonation Will not be tolerated if you see somone impersonating an admin report them in the discord

10. Shops And Border patrol is not allowed because it holds up the round we will not ban you but it will be it a living Hell for you

11. NSFW bullet art is prohibited in this server

12. Do not abuse the report system we will ban you

13. If you are going to be painful to have around we're just going to ban you

14. Team grief will not be tolerated

15. KOS is not aloud unless its Friday from 12:00 AM EST To 11:59 PM

16. Cheating, Glitching and having a unfair advantage over people will result in harsh punishment

17. Do not hide somewhere to hold up the round we will make it a living hell for you if you do

18. If you have been banned if was probably for a good reason if not appeal Here

19. No Political Discussions In The Discord Or The Server

20. Killing yourself as a zombie is not allowed on this server and can be punishable up to a ban for a day

21. Killing cuffed people like Class d's or scientists is not allowed and will be a warn or ban if it continues

Links They Are Clickable

Discord | Cedmod Instance | Appeals

My discord user is Cure#0003

My email is [email protected]


We Only Use NorthwoodAPI
We use plugins that aren't very intrusive
Plugins Used:


Report All Suspicious Activity In The Discord Above