Banana's Playground Server Information
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1. our server does allow music, singing,
or soundboards, but nothing that can be
considered ear rape/mic spam or offensive.
you can only play music over proximity chat.
you can not play it in spectator chat, however,
using it on the intercom is allowed only on
special occasions, As an SCP, or on the radio.
2. Cheating Will result in a Perma ban.
3. Don't delay rounds.
4. Kos (Kill On Sight) Is not allowed, give them a
chance to surrender, however killing chaos or mtf
is permitted on sight.
5. No False Surrender
6. Don't Shoot Handcuffed Players
7. Rp is very fun do not interrupt it unless it is
delaying the round or if you are an SCP.
8. No Racism.