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<b>Rules to follow while playing on our server

1. The use or encouragement of glitches, exploits, and cheats will not be tolerated.

2. Do not harass, discriminate against, or defame any individual, race, gender, or other group.

3. Slurs of any kind are not allowed on this server. This also applies to the soft a.

4. Mic spam, including ear rape, any soundboards, or any general screaming into your microphone is not allowed. This applies for Dead chat, Scp chat, over the radio, and over the intercom. Music is allowed over the intercom and spectator chat, as long as it isn't too loud or spammy. However, if someone asks you to stop playing it, you must stop.

5. Do not intentionally hold up the round in any way. Doing so will result in much pain coming to you.

6. If a ClassD or Scientist is detained, which is a visible status indicated by their hands being behind their model, and cooperating, do NOT shoot at or attempt to damage/kill them. Failure to follow this rule might result in a kick of the offender and the dead detained personnel being respawned.

7. Targeting of any individual outside of normal gameplay will not be tolerated.

8. All server staff have the final decision in any circumstance. If they feel that the actions of a player are detrimental to the server, even if said action is not specified against in the rules, they can and will intervene.