Server Rules

#1 use common sense. admins or mods have permission to ban you for anything they deem

#2 absolutely NO hate speech, this includes memes, soundboards, ect.

#3 no round stalling, this includes hiding in places such as warhead. The ONLY exception is if you are
unaware you are last.

#4 Killing yourself as a zombie on purpose after being revived is against the rules.

#5 Do not close doors on teammates.

#6 no excessive use of soundboards in areas like spec chat. people who are using loud soundboards
will be warned/muted

#7 No TK (team killing) on purpose, unless its something like crossfire TK is not allowed

Please note you can be banned for any amount of time, determined by the admin/mod banning you.

Server info

Server hosted in Portland, Oregon.
Contact Server Admins Via Discord