Our Discord (Click me!)

We are a very lightly modded server. We like to keep the game vanilla with just a couple useful mods. We are always open to suggestions on our Discord.

SCP:SL Rules

1. Do not mic spam.
1a. You can mic spam in proximity chat and on the intercom.
1b. Any earrape on the intercom is prohibited.

2. Do not ghost.

3. No cheating/hacking.

4. Northwood Managers are allowed to abuse the Remote Admin given to them.

5. Staff members have the final say. Arguing with staff will lead to a removal from the server.

6. Do not suicide as an SCP. (We have SCPSwap)

7. Do not be overly toxic or you will be removed from the server.

8. Do not harass others, or discriminate against anyone.
8a. Basically just don't be racist, homophobic, etc.


10. Teaming is allowed but do not hold up the round.

11. Do not teamkill your teammates.
11a. Teamkill is allowed in self defense / if someone is AFK.
11b. You can teamkill if the dying party consents.

12. Do not stream snipe streamers or be overly annoying to them just for attention.