Discord server: https://discord.gg/tDpXz3D4FV

⚠️ This server is still in beta. If you encounter a bug, report it in the discord server linked above.


[1] Cheating is not allowed.
[1.1] Using cheats or recoil reducing macros is not allowed.
[1.2] Abusing bugs or exploits is not allowed.
[2] Be respectful.
[2.1] Racism and discrimination won't be tolerated.
[3] Micspamming is not allowed.
[3.1] Playing sounds or music through your microphone is not allowed.
[3.2] Using voice changers is not allowed.
[4] Do not stall.
[4.1] Occupying an arena with the intention to prevent others from playing is not allowed.
[4.2] One match should not last longer than 10 minutes.
[5] Language restrictions.
[5.1] Speaking any other language than English, Czech, or Slovak is not allowed.


.select (loadout) | Select a loadout which will be used in the 1vs1. Available kits are listed at the bottom of the server info.
.invite (name) | Invite a player to your party.
.accept (name) | Accept a party invitation.
.start | Start the game.
.cancel | Leave your current party. / Cancel an ongoing match.
.spectate | Join/leave spectate. Can be used to edit your loadouts.

· com15
· com18
· guard
· mtfpvt
· mtfsgt
· mtfcpt
· rifleman
· marauder
· repressor
· disruptor
· jailbird
· com45
· a7