Welcome to the Cringe Club!

Join our discord: <link="https://discord.gg/pK9Z8SnEMJ">Click here!

Server Rules:

1. No intentional teamkilling. 2 intentional TKs are considered bannable. Accidental crossfire is allowed.

2. No targeted teamkilling (eg. teamkilling someone because they killed you last round, teamkilling someone because they're young, etc).

3. No mic-spam in radio, SCP chat or spectator chat. Intercom micspam is acceptable as long as it's not ear-rape or damaging your ears.

4. No racial slurs of any kind.

5. No targeted harassment towards anyone because of gender, race, sexuality, age, etc.

6. No cheating/hacking.

7. No exploiting of any kind.

8. Don't hold up rounds on purpose, You'll be told if you're holding up a round before action is taken.

9. Killing detained players is considered teamkilling, so don't do it.

10. Legitimate threats towards players/the server is not allowed and will be taken seriously.

11. Don't argue with staff as it wastes everyone's time as they are always right in server related issues. File an abuse report if you feel they are abusing their powers.

12. No mass TK (more than 2 TKs) (eg. elevator grenades).