Rule 1: Do Not Team Kill As A Scientist, MTF, Or Chaos.
Rule 2: Do Not Mic Spam Any Global Chats, This Includes Spectator, Radio, And Intercom
Rule 3: Do Not Hack, Hacking Will Result In A Permanent Ban
Rule 4: Do Not Spawn Camp MTF Or Chaos Insurgency
Rule 5: No accusing admins of abusing when there is an event going on.
Rule 6: No Shutting Doors On Players
Rule 7: Teaming Regulations of the server are as following, scp's are not allowed to team with Scientists, Guards, and MTF, but are allowed to team with Chaos and D-class If They Choose. Chaos Cannot Team With MTF or Guards, but can detain scientists. MTF or Guards Cannot team with chaos but can detain D class to be able to work with them, or tag along with them so that they may find a detainer. If A Class-D Has A Weapon, then he/she is considered a threat to MTF, Guards, And Scientists. The D-Class With The weapon may choose to drop it and comply with the detaining procedure, and same applies with Scientists.
Rule 8: No Offensive Slurs Of Any Kind, this includes gay Jokes, Racial slurs, Racial Jokes, ect.
Rule 9: No RDM/Revenge Killing On The Server. If You Have A Problem Please Take It Up With A Admin In The Discord
Rule 10: No Advertising Of Any Kind
Rule 11: Do Not Interfere With The Rounds Progression, Examples Include- Disabling Generators As MTF, Guards, Or Scientists, Camping In A Single Room For More Than 2 Min Or You Are The Last Target Alive (You Can Not Leave The Room And Reenter), ect.
Rule 12: No Suiciding As Zombies Or Scp's
Rule 13: Do Not Close Doors On Your Specified Team (MTF/Guards/Scientists, D-Class/Chaos, Scp's)
Rule 14: Do Not Kill Detained D-Class Or Scientist Personnel, This Will Carry The Same Punishment As Team Killing Will