Credits to Lord Peanut (Co-Owner) And Bonus (SCP:SL Manager)

SCP:SL Rules:
Do not Mic/Intercom/Broadcast spam.
No team killing unless allowed for an event.
Do not exploit/hack/crash the server. It can lead to a permanent ban.
Be respectful to others in the server.
Do not team with your enemies (Chaos + MTF) (Chaos + Scientists) (MTF/Guards +
Do not ruin others gameplay.
Do not spam the nuke (turn on/off).
If you happen to see someone breaking those rules, Please ping the managers
and if there is no response, ping an admin or staff.
If you kill a detained scientist/d class then you will get a warning because it is technically teamkilling.
Lastly, DO NOT harass admins for events!

. (Discord Rules) .

1. Please do not bypass the words that are restricted

2. Raiding is not tolerated, if you do it, it will be an insta ban.

3. Please do not mass ping

4. Do not spam in general

5. Do not use commands in certain channels like #chat

6. This rule applies to everyone
FOLLOW THE DISCORD TOS. Breaking the discord terms of service will result in a instant ban from the discord. No exceptions.

If discord finds TOS breakers they will ban the discord, or if you don't have the rule in general.

. ( Updated Service Team Rules ) .

1. You have to be active no matter what you are, if you are the server manager you have to be active on SCP:SL, but if you are on the discord staff, you have to be active on discord and do activity checks.

2. Do not abuse your admin, especially with you having more power than admins.

3. Do not just play the game, sometimes just go on overwatch if someone is complaining about someone, or just go spectate them with noclip.
Reposting this from clown hat for a specific reason: SCP SL Admin Rules:


2. Do not crash the server.

3. Do not spawn in ANYTHING.

4. Do not give yourself anything or give you any effects.

5. Dont overwatch admins or players, unless if its for a reason.

6. Dont spawn in admins or players as tutorials, only if you need to talk with them.

7. No flexing your admin which everyone does, which makes the players want to become admin @Administrators

You can do rule 3,4,5,6 only if you are doing a event.
( Discord Admin Rules )

1. Do not mess with anyone's roles unless you have permission from tank.

2. Do not make custom roles for yourself on the discord server.

3.Do not beg for a higher rank which goes for both SCP SL and Discord.

4.Do not complain about your rank or something just deal with it.

5. If you get an order from a higher rank then do it unless it is bad or something that would effect the server in a bad way.

6. Do not use any important channels unless actually important

7. For the voting channel, if you are the one getting voted then you CANNOT vote

8. Please Do not reply to announcements in the announcement channel, just do it in chat, and nothing will be about admins in the announcements channel and instead it will be in #admin-announcements, and if you want to reply to a message in #admin-announcements, then reply in #admin-chat.

9. Do not remove your warnings or you will get another, and do not question your warning if from a manager.

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