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They Must Obey | RULES
1. | This is a community, therefore is open to public for personal use. Accept that others use it, be friendly.
2. | This a community in which intentional harm directed towards a community member is taken into serious account. Harassment or discrimination will not be taken lightly by either member of any party. This includes things like Racism, Discrimination or Homophobic Slurs.
3. | No Spamming, advertisements and trolling. This includes, no Soundboards, voice changers or spamming in text. No begging for Mod/Admin.
4. | If you believe you are being flamed or harassed, do not initiate. Simply report the user to a Moderator.
5. |Listen to the Moderators,. If you are not content with a certain member report to the Moderators with evidence of poor behavior.
6. |3rd party cheats/hacks or assistance is not allowed, any use of these will be an instant ban from the server. This includes 3rd party ghosting/metagaming.
7. |No Greifing, this includes: excessive door spamming, camping or delaying the game intentionally.
8. | No teaming with SCP's unless you are CHAOS INSURGENCY.

Staff reserve the right to warn and then enforce consequences based on common sense or subjective interpretations. Saying that something isn't explicitly in the rules is not an excuse to make the community less enjoyable.