Chaotic Central
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Welcome to Chaos Central! Our mission is providing the ideal SCP:SL playing experience to all members. We are completely transparent about our server. If it's not in the rules, you won't be punished for it. If you want to know how something works, just ask!

Our main priority is also users safety. If you feel that you are target of a rule breaker, download a recording software such as OBS (clickable) or Medal (clickable) and report it to our Discord.

Our Policies:

Voice Chat Policy:

If you sound under 13, you will be immediately banned, and this is to the discretion of the staff member to decide. Don't alter your voice artificially (with a program), but you are allowed to use soundboards. You can't be discriminatory towards any player or use sounds that are. Don't use overly loud sounds in global chats, and don't use earrape in either of the chats. Don't use any NSFW audios or say anything that is overly NSFW.

In-Game Policy:

KOS is allowed, but if they're cuffed, don't uncuff or kill them, unless they are disobeying orders (needs to be reasonable). Reverse cuffing is completely allowed as long as it is done reasonably. Don't write any signs on the wall (like swastikas) that discriminate against anyone. Don't attempt to delay the round by camping or hiding in rooms for over 2 minutes. Don't beg or ask for any special privilages. Don't DDOS or DOX anyone in the server or the server itself. Don't argue with, harass, or target any users of the server, for any reason. This includes being generally toxic.

Teaming Policy: