Chaotic Central
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Welcome to Chaos Central! Our mission is providing the ideal SCP:SL playing experience to all members. We are completely transparent about our server. If it's not in the rules, you won't be punished for it. If you want to know how something works, just ask!

Our main priority is also users safety. If you feel that you are target of a rule breaker, download a recording software such as OBS (clickable) or Medal (clickable) and report it to our Discord.

Rule 1. Don't discriminate against anyone for any reason. Jokes ARE allowed, but only if it is between people who are take it as a joke, such as friends. (Music bypasses this rule if used for entertainment.)

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 2. Don't target people based on their status. This includes moderators, content creators, or people of high status. (This includes being rude to moderators because of punishment or their work)

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 3. Don't delay the round. This rule mostly covers camping, but any other forms of round stalling is disallowed.

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 4. Don't team with roles you aren't supposed to. Exceptions are:
4a. Zombies with any humans if not attempting to break Rule 3.
4b. Chaos Insurgency with SCPs.
4c. Sparing any person of any team.
4d. SCPs helping Class-D escape. They must obviously be escaping and not breaking Rule 3.
4e. In the case of any events, where you are supposed to.

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 5. Don't beg or ask for any special privilages that users don't normally have. This includes, but is not limited to, patreon and discord roles.

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 6. Don't give yourself any unfair advantages. This includes bugs, cheats, and any injectables. If it isn't in the base game, or isn't meant to happen, don't do it.

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 7. Don't DDOS or DOX any users or the server directly. This includes conspiring, planning or going out with DDOSing or DOX on any people, whether related to the server or not.

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 8. Don't uncuff any cuffed users in order to kill/damage them or get someone else to kill/damage them. You may also NEVER damage cuffed players unless in a firefight with another user and they have a chance of escaping. The only reason you may uncuff is if they are OBVIOUSLY disobeying orders. You may not order users to do tasks such as killing themselves ingame.

<color=#d05050ff>Rule 9. Don't harass or be generally toxic with other users in the server. This includes seriously arguing with other users, causing other people to do things that is bad for them with harassment, yelling at other users, etc.