Doctor's Hell
Hosted in Kansas City, United States

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Server Rules
No toxic behavior. This includes insulting or slandering players, slur usage, and any forms of harassment. Team sabotage also falls under this rule.

If you are below the age of 13, you are not allowed to play on Doctor's Hell, as per Steam's terms of service.

Do not kill players that other members of your team have cuffed unless they are failing to comply, or are trying to run away. Do not uncuff players just to shoot them. Killing players that you yourself have cuffed is fine. Cuffing someone just to lock them in a room is considered stalling and toxic behavior. This is punishable with a short term ban.

Do not stall. Hiding is fine if you are in active danger. Intentionally trying to prolong a round is not. If you are stalling, any online staff members are allowed to reveal your location.

Do not crossteam unless it is to complete a short term goal, like to kill an SCP.
For example, MTF and Chaos may team up to kill an SCP, but they may not team past that point. SCPs may not work with any players considered targets. If you are breaking this rule, you will be asked to stop, and if you continue you may receive a short term ban.

Micspam, including music and loud audio is only allowed in proximity chat. Do not complain if a player chooses to mute you. You may appeal server mutes on Discord.

If you are caught cheating or exploiting, you will be reported to the global moderation team and will be permanently banned.

Majority rules. If the majority thinks that someone shouldn't be punished, then it will be put aside.
If you are obviously trying to circumvent the rules, you will be banned on the spot. This includes leaving during an admin sit.
We don't do warnings here. All punishments are immediate, and if you get banned you can try to appeal on Discord.

All plugins present on the server are for administration purposes. Doctor's Hell is meant to be a vanilla gameplay experience.