Listen up here are some rules. Breaking any rules here will also get you kicked/banned from the SCP:SL server. Alright? Understood? Good.

1-No harassment of any kind. This includes racism (Yes both ways i dont care its still a slur) homophobia, etc.
2-Begging for admin/moderator. No, Try to earn it a bit please?
3-Going along with #3 Follow what Moderators or Admins say. Their word is law here sorry about it.
4-if you are the last two-three people on the map and you are holding up the server you will be warned
5-when there is a server event please listen to what the admins and owner have to say
6-do not kill people who are cuffed unless you accidentally killed them.
7-Try to have fun!

our discord:

-sam from the staff team.