The new unofficial D-Boys R Us #3 server!

This can be used as a fallback if the other two servers are down!

plugins to be added: 049 speak, and tranq gun will be coming.

106 chambers are randomized!

Rules below!

1. No cheating or exploiting

2. No micspam in any chat but is allowed if your alive just not over intercom or radio.

3. no killing cuffed d class or scientists!
3a.if the detained personnel is not complying or running away, you may kill them. (or with a valid reason such as chaos spawning.)
3b. do not undetain, then kill.
3c. a cooperating personnel that is not detained may be killed.

4. Teaming rules
4a. MTF cannot team with SCPs
4b. MTF cannot team with C.I.
4c. C.I. can team with SCPs
4d. D class and SCPs can team.

5. no racism, sexism, homophobic, ect, no discrimination of any kind.
5a. No saying any slurs.
5b. no offensive jokes.

6. Harassing other members or targeting them is not allowed

7. Do not be overly toxic.

8. Do not impersonate staff.

9. Encouraging others to break rules is a no no.

10. Do not hold up rounds on purpose.

11. Too appeal go to the discord server one way to find it is going to the first or second servers link and clicking it.