Welcome to the <color=red>SCParty

No matter who <color=red>(You)<color=yellow> are, <color=red>(You)<color=yellow>'re the life of the <color=red>Party.

Website Link: <color=yellow> https://ihatethedemonkahl.com/ <color=red>(Clickable)
'Cord Server Link: https://discord.gg/74h2CkS3AE (Clickable)

This server is the home of the <color=red>'Nade!<color=yellow> Grenades go off after 0.5 seconds!

In addition, there is no stamina, radios consume no battery, and you have infinite intercom time.

- No advertising other servers.
- Camping is allowed.
- Do not steal other people’s belongings in 914.
- Do not KOS (Kill on Sight) any D-Class as a Scientist, Guard,
or MTF. Instead, cuff them and escort them out.
- Detained D-Class may be killed if they are not following
- If you are SCP 049-2, you may not kill yourself.