Welcome to SCPFunTime!
On this server we focus on making fun for the SCP:SL Community.
If you want to switch to a different SCP please dm a Ingame Admin on discord.
1. Any Team can team-up with SCPs (Accept Security and MTF.)
2. As a security guard/MTF don't KOS D-Class. Here are the valid reasons for KOS: If they refuse orders, pull out a gun and start shooting, constantly running away from you when cuffed or closing doors on you.
3. Don't use any homophobic, sexist or rasist words against anyone.
4. Don't beg staff for items or class switch (Say if you were a scientist and wanted to be a SCP)
5. Don't MicSpam.
6. English only in voicechat.
7. Don't disrespect anyone in any way.
8. Have fun!

Make sure to join our discord! https://discord.gg/uKZTr9x