The LurkBois

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1. Using exploits or cheating in any way will result in a server ban.
2. Using slurs, offensive terms, or hate speech (including but not limited to; racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia) in any way will result in a server mute.
3. Sexual comments/jokes may result in a server mute. Sexualizing minors as well as rape jokes WILL result in a mute as well as a report to Northwood.
4. Do not kill D-Class on sight unless they are holding weapons or have killed MTF earlier in the match.
5. Do not kill any D-Class that are detained or openly complying with guards or MTF. Doing so will result in you being placed in spectator mode. Chaos may kill scientists on sight.
6. Scientists are allowed to kill D-Class at the beginning of the round until they're able to cooperate with guards or until the first MTF spawn wave. Specifically targeting an individual player on multiple rounds makes them exempt from this rule and causes this to be considered KOS.
7. No team sabotage, including but not limited to; uncuffing people right before exit, closing doors on teammates, and purposely leading SCPs to teammates.
8. Cross-teaming is allowed as long as its not often among a specific party of players. MTF and Chaos are allowed to work together if the majority of both parties agree.
9. Stalling is not allowed, if you stall, you may be asked to move or be killed with RA.
10. Excessive mic spam will result in a server mute.
11. Do not ask staff for items, spawns, event rounds, etc.
12. You must be older than 13 years of age to play this game and this server.
13. If you have any concerns about admin abuse, contact a head-admin or owner via discord server.