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Server #2 Plugins List
[1] Intentionally team killing in any form is NOT allowed.
- This includes asking enemy classes to kill teammates, excluding yourself.
[2] Team bleeding in any form is NOT allowed.
[3] Any form of harassment and discrimination, including the usage of slurs and verbally assaulting or targeting other members because of their race, age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc. will not be tolerated.
[4] Cheating or exploiting is strictly prohibited.
[5] Do not kill D-Class or Scientists who are detained and following orders.
- Un-detaining an enemy just to kill them also falls under this rule.
- D-Class KOS IS allowed, but it is highly recommended that you detain them.
[6] Cross-teaming in any form is disallowed.
[7] Micspamming (loud/annoying sounds) in global chats (spectator, intercom, radio) is prohibited.
- Music is allowed if the majority of players want it, but it cannot be overly loud and must be stopped if requested.
- More annoying sounds, such as high-pitched noises (like dog whistles), can apply to this rule regardless of where it is played.
[8] Intentionally closing doors on teammates is prohibited.
[9] Suiciding or leaving the match to avoid playing as an SCP is not allowed.
[10] MTF team sabotage, including turning off generators, flashbanging teammates, and un-detaining D-Class before escape is not allowed.
[11] Bullet hole art cannot be NSFW or otherwise inappropriate.
[12] Camping for prolonged periods of time is prohibited.
[13] Do not intentionally oust staff members to other players.
[14] Making any kind of false report is forbidden.
- Using in-game reports for SCP swap requests is also not allowed. This should be done through the discord.
[15] Use common sense. Overly toxic behavior is not allowed.

Additional notes
- If a player is stuck in a room, staff members are instructed to let them out after one minute. It's not fun, and it can potentially stall the round.
- Staff are allowed to take immediate action against anyone or anything if they feel it's detrimental to the server, even if it's not specified within these rules. If you feel a staff member has abused this power, please bring your evidence to us in the Discord.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact us via the Discord server linked above!

<size=12>Last updated - December 23, 2023