rules: an admin or myself catching you mic spamming excessively or being racis/homophobic/etc. will result in a ban.

mods added:
buddy command: spawn on same team as friend. command:()
lights: allows for more blackouts/ permenant blackouts
dcreplace: replaces disconnected players with spectators
better scp939: dog is small and fast
scp-008-x: zombies have a 40% chance of infecting other players. Heal or become a zombie.
scp-035: random objects are a trap that will kill and replace you with a spectator as an scp.
scp-575: an scp that damages players in the dark every 5 seconds.
scp swap: scps can swap at start of round. command: (.scpswap scp#)
serpents hand: adds serpents hand class
stalky 106: 106 now has ability to stalk to random players across the map. watch your feet.
Added a tranq gun

following mods may or may not work:

lone 079: a 079 on their own is respawned as a random scp at half health