SFNetwork #2 Casual

This is a clean server with no modifications and Friendly Fire.
SFNetwork has Polish servers for the Polish community. As the number of players on the pre-beta-staging is much smaller, we decided to create one international server.

Rules ▶ [PASTEBIN]
The rules are based on common sense,
so if you are mature enough, you have nothing to worry about.
1▶ On the server we talk only in English.
2▶ It is forbidden to advertise websites, discord servers etc. as well as other servers in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
3▶ It is forbidden to play music or make annoying sounds through Microphone.
4▶ Toxicity is not allowed.
5▶ Discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.) in any form is strictly prohibited.
6▶ Cheating and Exploiting is punished with a permban.
7▶ Suicide as a SCP is punishable (Reconnect = Suicide).
8▶ It is forbidden to favour your friends and/or celebrities.
9▶ Cuffed Scientist/D Class can be killed only if they disobey orders, run away and/or provoke.
10▶ It is forbidden to impersonate people or server staff.
List of allowed teams and word definitions can be found on Pastebin.

Server Staff ▶ (Click on a name to open that person profile)

✔「Owner」</u> Tajemniczy
✔「Moderator」</u> IFFI