Welcome to D-Boys R Us Testing Server

This is a public testing server/modded server (everything is custom made), NOT a staff abuse server.
Please report any issues via Discord.

Testing Features
- Stalk atlas: When 106 uses atlas and there is a player inside of the room, 106 will teleport on them.
- one hit 106: Brings back 106's ability to one hit players

Discord Server:
===> Join Discord <===

Server Rules:
1. No cheating, or exploiting (duh).

2. No mic spam on mtf radio, intercom, dead chat, or scp chat.

3. No killing detained D Class or Scientists, KOS IS ALLOWED (undetained).
3a. If the detained personnel is not complying or running away, you may kill them.
3b. Do not undetain, then kill
3c. A cooperating personnel that is NOT detained may be killed.

4. (Teaming rules below)
4a. MTF cannot team with the SCPs.
4b. MTF cannot team with the Chaos Insurgency.
4c. The Chaos Insurgency can team with the SCPs.

5. No being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, no discrimination of any kind.
5a. No saying any slurs.
5b. Do not make offensive jokes.
5c. Do not make offensive signs/words on the walls with bullets.

6. No harassing/targetting other members.

7. Do not be overly toxic, no excessive trolling

8. Do not impersonate any staff member.

9. Encouraging others to break rules is not allowed.

10. Do not hold up/delay the round purposely.

11. Do not spawn camp, but spawn killing is allowed. (Do not sit there waiting)

If you want to appeal a mute or ban, please join the discord server. (Link above)