Deep Blue

We're a server that consists of top-tier stupidity.

Discord (Clickable) A lot of extra information (Clickable)

Rules: (Examples can be found on the Lot of Extra Information)
1. Don't excessively harass members.
2. Don't micspam in global chats [intercom, spectator chat, etc]
3. Refrain from using harmful phrases.
4. Don't intentionally teamkill. (D-Class on D-Class teamkill is allowed)
5. Don't kill *compliant* players. (Such as a D-Class who is detained).
6. Don't intentionally sabotage players. (Such as closing doors on teammates while being attacked by hostiles)
7. Don't roundstall. (Such as camping on surface as MTF while the SCPs are in the facility)
8. Don't do stuff that gives you an unfair advantage over regular players. (Cheating, ghosting, etc)
9. English only.
10. Use common sense.

Plugins List:
1. Admin Tools
2. Common Utilities
3. SCP Swap
4. Respawn Timer
5. Post Nuke Tweaks
6. Serpents Hand
7. UIU Rescue Squad
8. Better Sinkholes
9. Candy Weight
10. Custom Roles
11. Custom Items
12. SCP-1576 Spectator Viewer
13. SCP Info Display
14. Map Editor Reborn
15. CedMod
16. Custom Escape
17. Anti Suicidal Zombies

We always look for feedback regarding the server operation, if you have anything, let us know.