We're a server that consists of top-tier stupidity.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/nAsmPhka89 (You can click this!)
Comprehensive List of Deep Blue Terms and Regulations (You can also click this!)

We have rules, like almost every server out there. Please read the Comprehensive List of Deep Blue Terms and Regulations linked above as it is far more in depth.
1. Don't excessively harass members.
2. Don't micspam in global chats [intercom, spectator chat, etc]
3. Refrain from using harmful phrases.
4. Don't teamkill without reason.
5. Don't kill *compliant* players (Such as a D-Class who is detained).
6. Use common sense.

Generally, just don't be mean and you'll get along fine.

We have plugins which are provided below with a short description of what it does
1. Admin Tools: Provides staff with more admin commands.
2. Common Utilities: Change colors of warhead lights, add chances on getting items with coins on Very Fine in 914, If you stand in on any setting you will get the concussed effect for 10 seconds (This is new and we are looking for feedback, please let us know on the discord!) and of course, don't stand in 914 on rough, seriously.
3. SCP Swap: If you're an SCP that you don't want to play, use .scpswap in the console (default is the button under escape, `) with the SCP you want to swap to. If there is a player playing as that SCP they will get prompted that you want to swap with them, if there is no players playing the SCP you want you will automatically swap to that SCP.
4. Respawn Timer: If you die, you can see the percentage chance of which side will respawn, and how long it will take for the respawn.
5. MVP Stats: Tells everyone who was the fastest to escape, the person who has the most kills, stuff like that.
6. Nuke Lock: 25 Minutes into a round, the warhead will be enabled and cannot be disabled. 5 Minutes after the nuke detonates radiation will breach the surface and will slowly damage everyone until they die.
7. Serpents Hand: When Chaos Insurgency is due to spawn, there is a chance that everyone spawns as "Serpents Hand" where the goal is to help the SCPs and kill everyone else. This also means that SCPs and Chaos Insurgency must kill eachother.
8. Custom Teams: Being used as a makeshift UIU Rescue Squad. Which is a specialized MTF force.
9. Better Sinkholes: All I'm saying is don't walk in the middle of a sinkhole as a non-SCP class.
10. Candy Weight: What is this piece of candy that found in SCP-330? *Blows up*