Welcome to CHAOS SCP

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<size=20>Server Rules
1. Mic spam while using intercoms, radios, spectator chat, or SCP chat is against our rules. (It is really annoying)
2. Offensive language is strictly prohibited and any use of it will result in the appropriate consequences.
3. Teaming as an NTF, guard, or scientist with an SCP is prohibited. Also, it is against our rules for chaos insurgents to team with NTF, guards, or scientists. Chaos are allowed to team with SCPs.
4. Prolonging rounds is against our rules. This includes camping at a gate and waiting for a spawn wave when you are the last human left.
5. Team killing is a bannable offence. However, cross-fire and self-protection is fine. Class-D on Class-D teamkilling is also allowed
6. Impersonating staff members is bannable.
7. Don't be stupid. Always do what staff say and stick to the rules.

Server Plugins
- Scp035: Adds a new SCP to the game, which takes over human bodies. Be careful what you pick up!
- ScpSwap: Don't be the SCP you hate anymore!
- SerpentsHand: A spawn wave which teams with SCPs and kills everyone else!
- Stalky106: Gives SCP 106 the ability to stalk players.
- DogsHearAll: The doggies can see you talking...

- SCPs Can talk to humans using 'v'.
- MTF can disarm CI and vice versa, so that they will switch teams when they escape.
- Class D may spawn with a keycard

For a full list of plugins, please go to the server-info channel in our Discord.
Want more? Leave a suggestion in our Discord!