Welcome to da bois scp server.
We have a few rules but I think you have seen them before:
#1 no racism or discrimination of any kind, this will result in an immediate kick, followed by a ban if you do it again.
#2 no cheating of any kind
#3 no teaming between teams except for: class-d with chaos and mtf with guard and scientist. it is okay to spare someone's life if your paths won't cross again. SCP-079 (computer) is not allowed to kill or attempt to kill any scps.
#4 use common sense before you say anything that might harm others!

The server is hosted in Eygelshoven, Germany

have fun!

ramoyquinn#3821 (owner)
meesterkoolmees#0493 (admin)
HotDoGG21#4034 (admin)
emiliod0808#0671 (moderator