Denty's Chill SCP Server (Axuka Servers)

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Server staff are only allowed to do events on Saturday and Sunday


1. <color=#9370DB>Please don't be super toxic.</color>

2. <color=#9370DB>listen to staff, obviously if they making threats to you then report it to the owner in our <color=#7289da>Discord.</color>

3. <color=#9370DB>Don't be racist, This includes the n-word, I don't give a fuck if you are black.</color>

4. <color=#9370DB>Don't ear rape in any place, Aka pre-game chat, Dead chat, ect... Yes you can mic spam, Aka hold down your mic for a long time but just don't make any loud noises, Music and soundboards are allowed.</color>

5. <color=#9370DB>Any type of hacking will be a perm ban, Any usage of bug exploits to use as a advantage will be a day ban.</color>

6. <color=#9370DB>Teaming with opposing teams is not allowed, Meaning NTF & Chaos</color>

7. <color=#9370DB>MTF & Chaos are encourage but not required to disarm Class-D and Scientists, Meaning yes you can KOS.</color>

8. <color=#9370DB>Do not kill disarmed cooperative Class-D or Scientists</color>

9. <color=#9370DB>Don't hold up the round</color>

10. <color=#9370DB>FF is only enabled for a more realistic feeling, Don't TK people without a actually legit reason, But D-Class may kill eachother.</color>

You can see our plugins in our discord.