Official Mobilfan´s - Playground Server.

[Server start: 22/09/2022]

Anyone joining our Discord Server until 11.11.2022 gets the </color>Scientist Rank.

Server Links:

Our Discord Server:

Server Rules:

General Rules:
§1 Swearing, bullying is prohibited.
§2 Teamtrolling such as Killing your own SCPs as 079 or closing doors infront of your Teammates, etc. Insulting Staff Members and not following their orders will always have consequences.
§3 Do not make false reports. Any false report will be given a warning or a ban
§4 Inappropriate Nicknames are not allowed
§5 As a Server Staff its prohibited to change nicknames against the Users will.

§1 Do NOT camp infront of the enemies spawn.
• If you are infront of an enemies spawn and a Spawnwave happens you gotta leave and only shoot if they open fire first

§2 Stealing Items from Teammates is prohibited.
§3 Entering a room as 106 nobody can open is prohibited [Ex. SCP-079's Chamber]
§4 Getting yourself killed just because you dont like your current role your not allowed to kill yourself or rejoin the Server
§5 Following Teams may Team Class_D-Chaos; MTF-Scientists; SCPs-Chaos
§6 USV =Bugabusing, Hacking and bypassing rules is striktly prohibited
§7 Camping: Do not camp longer than 2min at a certain room! Same counts for the person waiting outside the room. Whoever waits outside has to leave the area first!
§8 Class-Ds are not to KOS! You may kill a Class-D fro disobeying your orders or trying to escape from you. Any Class-D/Scientist trying to escape may be KOSed.
§9 UNcuffing cuffed players just to kill them is prohibited. | Cuffed players should not be killed
§10 Class-Ds and Scientists may KOS each other.
§11 You should always play for your current team and not try to help the enemy team for whatever reason.
§12 Ghosting is prohibited, such as telling the SCPs where people are or guiding SCP-939 (exeption for this is 079)

§1 Do not use Voice Changers
§2 You may play Music but only at proximity chat and not via Spectator, SCP Chat or Radio
§3 Voice-Spam via (Q / V) spamming, without saying something is prohibited.


§1 Pretending to be a Staff member is prohibited.
§2 Voice changers are prohibited with no exceptions.
§3 Bugabusing is prohibited and will be punished heavily.
§4 Bypassing Bans/ Mutes will have heavy consequences.
§5 3rd party programms (Hacks) giving you a game advantage are strictly prohibited

You may Stream/ Reacord Videos on the Videos at any time. Its recommanded to give video footage in case of a Report