Peanut's Laboratory

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If you witness any abuse of power by staff please join our discord and message a Head Admin or Server Director.
If anyone is breaking rules please join our discord or report them using the in-game report option.

1. Use common sense while playing in our server.
2. Toxicity and Harassment are not tolerated. Do not disrespect or target other players, and keep arguments/insults/offensive topics to a minimum. Racial slurs fall under our definition of toxicity. Harassment includes “simping.” Do not impersonate staff either.
3. Micspam/Earrape will not be tolerated. This includes music, sound effects, etc. Do not play NSFW audio either.
4. Soundboard use is strictly prohibited. Donators may only use soundboards through proximity chat.
5. Do not shoot or kill detained players unless they are intentionally delaying the round. SCPs may kill any cuffed person.
6. Guards/NTF cannot kill D-class in Light Containment Zone or its elevators until a wave of NTF/Chaos has spawned. If D-class are armed, self-defense is allowed. Scientists may kill in LCZ. Rule 5 overrides this rule.
7. Griefing is not allowed. This includes door-closing on teammates, excessive camping, teamkilling as SCP 079, delaying the rounds, and misusing the report system.
8. Teaming is allowed between SCP, Class-D, and Chaos Insurgency. Any other teaming is prohibited (ex. MTF and SCPs). Killing yourself because you are a role you do not like is also prohibited.
9. Leaving a sit mid-warn may result in a ban. Leaving mid-ban will result in a permanent ban.
10. Creating loopholes to avoid or take advantage of the rules above is punishable. Donators are not above the rules.

By playing in Peanut's Laboratory, you agree to follow the Steam Subscriber Agreement as well as the SCP: Secret Laboratory EULA