<align="center">[FF-Off] | Sellout Zone

<align="center"> Server Rules <align="left">
Playing music down your mic or using a soundboard is allowed, as long as it is not consistent.
Team Killing is not allowed
Hacking is never allowed on any SCP server
Being Annoying and Generally Toxic To The Community
- Causing arguments
- Being continuously horrible/insulting to someone
- Targetting a certain player(s)
- Ruining the game constantly for others
Do not harass staff
Don't break TOS
No Political Views, Racism, homophobia, etc.
English only
Delaying the game for no strategic reason is not allowed
Don't ask for a staff role
Don't break SCP:SL TOS

<align="center"><size=200%>Other Notes

ServerMod is enabled, and will stay like that unless posted on discord.
- There is a tutorial (#announcements, and pinged) on how to play the server even when the versions don't match.
[Friendly fire is Off]
[Discord Link] for support and general info.
[Donation Link]