Welcome to the Lost Kingdom
This is a Heavily Modded Server
- Red: Severe, can result in 30d to permanent punishments on first offense.
- Yellow: Moderate, can result in (1st offense)7d-(2nd)14d,(3rd)30d, (4th)90d, (5th)180d, (Final)permanent on offenses.
- Green: Light, can result in minor minutes to hours to a day offense. you wont get permanent punishment.
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1. We do not tolerate drama, harassment, or scene making in our server.
2. We do not wish for players to join asking for perms in the server.
3. No cheating or exploitation in anyway in the server.
4. phishing, scamming, or any illegal activities are prohibited.
5. Racism, Discrimination, and other offensive content are prohibited.
6. Do not kill cuffed Class D.
7. Team Sabotage is okay as long as it doesn't stall the round.
- Just dont kill cuffed Class D
- Closing doors on your teamates is considered team sabotage, FF is enabled. So beware that when closing doors, they are permitted to shoot you.
8. Soundboards / Music is allowed, but when others ask to stop, please stop.
9. English Only
- We're a english designed server, we require that all members of the community speak English.
10. Impersonation of Staff or players is prohibited.
- If you change it when demanded, you will be in the good, if caught, you can get punished without warning.
Contact: [email protected]
Discord Link: Click Here!
We have a Team Fortress 2 Server! IP:

This server uses mods such as Admintools, autoevents, gambling scp, and so on.