Bundled Gaming<color=black>[MEMES]#1

1.[No attempt to cross team] unless there is sufficient reason to do so. (Chaos and MTF running away from SCP 939, opening doors, shooting it.)
2.[You may not terminate any Class D or Scientists that are detained] unless they are disobeying a reasonable command. (Running away, not following you.) This goes for allies as well.
3.[MTF should try and follow their command structure], as long as commands are reasonable. TK is allowed if the nature of the target is harmful to you. (Closing doors, shooting you, crossteaming excessively.)
4.[SCPs may choose to spare people] in order to leave a locked room, not draw attention, etc. If they encounter them again and choose not to kill them, it will be considered cross teaming.
5.[Only request admins and moderators if there is a serious issue] that needs to be solved. Minor injustices can be handled by players, but if it gets out of hand mods may intervene.
6.[Excessive teamkill will result in an instant ban]. If it is limited teamkill, you will be questioned and warned. If warnings are given too many times a ban may be necessary.
7.[Mic spamming is ok on all platforms], except when in dead chat, radio, or SCP chat you may be asked to stop and have to agree. Intercom is the only live chat you can freely no matter what mic spam on.
8.[All hacking is banned]. Any threats of hacking are also going to be warned and should always be taken seriously. "I am going to ddos you." Etc.
9.[Have some common respect]. Do not holdge grudges against those who beat you in fair play. If shown kindness try to reciprocate it. You should probably avoid respecting TKers, racists, frequent cussers, and most mic spammers.
10.[Teamkilling is only allowed when rules aren't broken]. Only teamkill if it is really worth it. (If a detained Class D is terminated against the rules by an ally, ask yourself it is worth it to avenge them. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.) Try to make a moderators life easier.
11.[No Harassment] like discriminatory jokes and language related to one’s race, age, gender, disability, etc. are prohibited and Doxxing (especially threats on someone’s life/property) or encouraging self harm.
12.[No Punishment Evasion]/If you attempt to evade your punishment you will have a bad consequences for your action like a ban or even a longer punishment
13.[Its a meme server some admin abuse is allowed]It should not effect the gamplay of the game.

[If you see other players breaking the rules report it in our discord and we will take care of it]

Discord: https://discord.gg/7sETUZu38x</link>